About Us

About Love Light and Melody

Our Mission

Love Light + Melody serves vulnerable children, amplifies their stories, and inspires hope.

Our Vision

Love Light + Melody is dedicated to battling the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of extreme poverty facing children and the communities where they live. Using creativity and the restorative power of the arts, Love Light + Melody captures and exposes stories of injustice and extreme poverty, shining a light on what is often hidden.

Our Team

  • Brad Corrigan – Founder; President, Board of Directors
  • Greg Ham – Member, Board of Directors
  • John Lankford – Member, Board of Directors
  • Caron Martinez – Member, Board of Directors
  • Fernanda Ubatuba – Member, Board of Directors
  • Daisy Wiberg – Program Director
  • Bismark Rocha – Site Director, Nicaragua